Free tools for entrepreneurs

Templates to make entrepreneurs' life easier. Free for everyone, those tools are the result of best practices from our portfolio and experience. Happy download, enjoy and spread the word. This is a small taste of what is like to be a Paua portfolio company.

Selective business development

We accompany you through all phases of the development process, helping your business analyze potential growth opportunities.



Be part of our vast community and benefit from a notable pool of experts. We generate synergies by introducing you to large corporates, industry experts, strategic partners and other allies.


Talent Management

We assist you in setting up suitable human resource processes to ensure effective recruitment. We gather talents to select top notch candidates for your company matching your DNA.


Operational Benchmarking

We support you delivering best-in-class performance by targeting world class benchmarks and making processes more efficient and effective.


Knowledge & Events

We host events on a regular basis to connect people and to help entrepreneurs leverage our experience. Sharing knowledge and expertise between us, founders and your workforce is key to our mutual success.


Software & Services

Offering free access to a diverse range of software & services will help to enhance your business and save you money. As we maintain special partnerships with various companies e.g. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Facebook, Salesforce and Stripe.